Member Swim Lessons

Swim lesson information for 2018 will be updated prior to opening day May 26, 2018.


Registration begins on May 26th, 27th and 28th from 10:00-12:00


There are three sessions.  The first begins on June 25th, the second session begins on July 9th and the third and last session begins on July 30th.


Swim lessons are for members only and run for two weeks sessions at a cost of $60.00 per child.  Payment must be made with the registration form.  The half hour lessons are either at 10:00 or 10:30 am and are held in the middle and main pool.  The first session is the day after the East Greenwich schools are out for the school year.  There will be no lesson on the 4th of July. It will be made up on July 7th. The second session immediately follows the first whereas the third and last sesson one week after the end of the second session.


Lessons postponed due to weather or a scheduled swim meet will be held on the first Saturday following the rain day.


Pool Safety for both in the pools and on the pool apron will be part of the instruction at each level.


Parent and Me Program (depending on the number of children signed up)

The Parent and Me program is designed for children up to 3 years of age.  Children and Moms or Dads will enter the water and with the direction of a lifeguard instructor begin the journey to experienced swimmer.  Parent and Me classes are held in the Middle Pool.


There are five lesson levels: 

Level 1: Beginner,  Swimmers will gain comfort with water and work on skills such as blowing bubbles, assisted floating and beginner kick and arm movements.  Lessons are given in the middle pool with introduction to the main pool.  Children must be potty-trained and without the need of a swim diaper to enter the main pool.


Level 2: Advanced Beginner, Swimmers who are already comfortable with the water will work on learning to swim in the shallow end of the main pool by his or herself as well as learn skills such as jumping off the side, unassisted floating, beginner freestyle and beginner backstroke.  Lessons are given in the shallow end with introduction to the deep end.


Level 3: Intermediate.  Swimmers able to swim on his or her own will now begin to swim two widths of the pool as well as gain proficiency in backstroke and elementary backstroke.  Other skills introduced are treading water, standing dives and object retrieval from the bottom of the pool.  Lessons are given in both the shallow and deep ends of the pool with introduction to the diving board.  Swimmers who pass Level 3 will also be certified for swimming in the deep end and use of the diving board.


Level 4: Advanced Intermediate.  Swimmers able to swim two widths of the pool are introduced to breaststroke and butterfly as well as continuing refinement of freestyle and backstroke.  Standing dives from the diving board are also introduced.  Lessons are given in the deep end.


Level 5: Advanced.  Swimmers will continue to refine all strokes and learn flip turns and racing dives.  Lessons are given in the deep end.