The Greenwich Gators is one of the long time standing traditions at the Greenwich Club. We have 50+ years of successful history and fun!


  1. To help foster a positive and enjoyable environment that is conducive to the development of both swimming and social skills.
  2. To provide swimmers with knowledge of the four competitive strokes- front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.
  3. To help swimmers develop their swimming technique to the best of their ability for a lifetime of swimming enjoyment.
  4. To develop a youth athletic program, which encourages good sportsmanship and fosters a sense of team and community.
  5. To encourage participation in all practices and meets by swimmers of all abilities.
  6. To encourage swimmers to support and encourage their teammates at meets and practices.
  7. To create an environment at swim meets where cheering is as important as competing and where swimmers can learn the joys of competition.
  8. To instill a positive attitude and good self-esteem in all swimmers.
  9. To demonstrate the role that swimming can play in maintaining health, wellbeing and balance throughout each swimmer’s lifetime.
  10. To promote enthusiasm, team spirit, and team building. *** TO HAVE FUN! ***

Goals & Expectations

The Greenwich Gators is our members-only swim team and one of the long time standing traditions at the Greenwich Club; with 50+ years of successful history and fun behind it. It is an introductory competitive swim and dive team for children ages 5-16. The Greenwich Gator Swim & Dive Team is a friendly and competitive swimming team whose aim is to provide regular training, as well as, light competition during the summer.

  • New swimmers will attend a mandatory evaluation, to assess their incoming skill set.
  • All swimmers are required to swim in at least two meets during the season.
    Our focus is having fun, keeping fit, and working together as a team in a competitive
  • All swimmers should strive to develop the four qualities of good sportsmanship, enthusiasm, perseverance and determination. These four qualities are important both in and out of the pool.These are life skills that will help athletes succeed in all arenas.
  • The Greenwich Gator Swim & Dive Team will encourage all swimmers, regardless of skill level and achievement, to enjoy and understand the healthy benefits of swimming and competing.

Swim Team Season

Our swim season starts on Monday June 24th and ends on Friday August 5th.  To register please complete the Gators Swim Team Registration form under the membership tab on our website by July 3rd. The registration fee for the Gators Swim Team will be $120 dollars.

Greenwich Gators Swim Team Age Groups

(Compete in the appropriate age group with age as of July 1. Groups are spilt up by girls and boys)

  • 8 and under
  • 9 and 10
  • 11 and 12
  • 13 and 14
  • 15 and 16


We will have daily morning swim team practices, Monday through Friday. Dual Meets will be Tuesday and Thursdays.

Session 1 7:30 – 8:45 am (11 years old and older)

Session 2 9:00 – 9:45 am (10 years old and under)

Practice and/or Meet cancellations based on weather will be determined the morning of. You will be notified by email.

Dive Team

Our dive team is a great introduction for new swimmer to learn basic setups and dives. The dive team also competes at the end of each of the swim meets. They also have their own All Pool Dive Meet! Dive practice is between 10:00 – 11:00 am in the dive well.

Throughout the season, the Gators get together for some very special events.

Splash Night –  a fun night where the kids can swim in the pool at night as it is closed for this private swim team event.

Spirit Night – when the kids get together to make posters and get themselves geared up for the final All Pool Meet.

Gator Banquet – which takes place at the end of the season to award all levels of achievement!

Our Coaches

Joshua Hernandez serves as the Gators’ Head Coach. Coach Josh also serves as the Head Coach at Cranston East as well as the Assistant Coach for the Cranston YMCA. He brings several years of experience coaching kids of various ages and has a great love for the sport of swimming. Coach Josh swam for the Bridgewater State University Bears during his tenure there. Josh can be reached at