The Weather Report

Weather Information

We always watch the weather and will let you know if our schedule changes. For instant information, as it happens, go to our Facebook / Instagram which will announce our schedule, hours, weather or events regularly.

In case there is a chance of a thundershower, please acquaint yourself with our thunder/lightning policy.  If thunder is heard, the guards will blow their whistles and all must vacate all the swimming pools for 30 minutes.  If during that 30 minutes, thunder is heard again, the 30 clock starts again until we have a clear 30 minute time period without thunder.

If lightning is seen, everyone must come into the main building.  No one is allowed on the pool deck, the club’s deck, the picnic area if lightning is seen, again for 30 minutes, following the thunder protocol as thunder and lightning are associated.  Please do not go under trees or umbrellas if there is lightning as you may be struck.  Follow the procedure and all will be well.

Once there is 30 minutes without thunder members, guests and staff may enter the pools.

Information regarding hours can be found on the home page.

Please check your copy of the Rules and Regulations regarding hours, pool rules, fees and member’s responsibilities.

Please contact the club with any questions.